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What is the Notice of Value?
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January 15, 2007
Property Address:
FRANCESCO NERO 763 55 Street
18 CABOT RD W Borough Block Lot
MASSAPEQUA, NY 11758-8024 Brooklyn 826 53
Tax Class: 1
Units: 2 Residential
(7/1/06 - 6/30/07) (7/1/07 - 6/30/08)
The Department of Finance estimates the value of your property as follows:
Market Value =                             $634,600           +82,400           $717,000
Assessed Value =                            $18,868            +1,120            $19,988
Exemption Value =                                $0                +0                 $0
Taxable Value =                             $18,868            +1,120            $19,988
Value that Your Tax is Based On =                                               $333,133

Market Value: Finance estimates your market value in one of three ways - based on recent comparable sales; the income that your property generates; or the cost of constructing your property.
Assessed Value: Finance multiplied your property's market value by an assessment ratio of 6% in order to determine the assessed value. However, in some cases, this assessed value may be lower than the assessment ratio percentage because of legal limitations.
Exemption Value: Is the value of any exemptions currently on Finance's records.
Taxable Value: Is equal to the assessed value less any applicable exemptions.
Exemption(s): Describes the exemptions that you are currently entitled to according to Finance's records.
If you wish to challenge these values, you must apply to the Tax Commission by March 15, 2007.


Building Class: B9 - Two-Family Dwelling
Market Value: Finance estimates that as of January 5, 2007 the market value for your
property is $717,000. We estimated your property's market value using the comparative
sales method described below.
Comparative Sales Method - Finance estimated your property's market value by
examining sales prices of similar properties. These properties are selected based on
characteristics that they have in common with your property. Finance arrives at your
property's market value by adjusting for any differences between it and those that
sold. Finance has the following information on record for your property and considers
it when selecting the appropriate comparable properties.
Zoning:               R6               Style:                Row
Lot Frontage:         20.00ft          Exterior Wall:        Masonry
Lot Depth:            100.17ft         Garage Type:          N/A
Lot Shape:            Regular          Residential Units:    2
Lot Square Footage:   2,003            Finished Sq.Footage:  3,300
Commercial Units:     0                Commercial Sq. Ftg.:  0
Story Height:         2.00             Garage Sq. Footage:   0
Building Frontage:    20.00ft          Unfinished Sq. Ftg.:  0
Building Depth:       53.00ft          Neighborhood Type:    Residential
Construction Type:    Brick
Year Built:           1910
Exterior Condition:   Average
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